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The Rare Contextual Recruitment System uses big data to help organisations identify candidates with the greatest potential.


Contextual Recruitment in Australia, One Year On
Since the launch of Rare’s last research report in Australia in June 2016, the use of contextual data has become a global trend. This brief report looks at applications processed by the early adopters of the Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) in Australia and provides detailed analysis on who is applying to top firms..... read more


Contextual Recruitment in Australia
How, and where, we grow up has an effect on what we might be able to achieve. Upbringings are unequal. Indeed, it's in disregarding this, disregarding how some have managed to achieve despite the obstacles, that we risk missing some of the most impressive and resilient young people of our time; the very people we might want to hire.... read more
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“With one of the largest graduate intakes of any law firm in the Australian market, we recognise the importance of interviewing a cross-section of candidates with diverse educational, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds to build our talent pipeline to meet future business needs. Understanding an individual in the context of their background and life experiences helps us make more informed recruitment decisions.”

Miriam Stiel
Partner, Allens

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“Our collaboration with Rare and their Contextual Recruitment System has enhanced our selection process by providing us with a more holistic candidate profile. Taking into account factors outside the traditional ‘recruitment criteria’ has made for a more expansive selection exercise and started important conversations. It has resulted in more conscious recruitment decisions, driven by diversity and a truly inclusive approach, which we know are critical to our success as a business.”

Sam Garner
Graduate Resourcing Manager (Projects), King & Wood Mallesons

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